I appreciate high quality, outstanding design and rare objects of art. Aston Martin definitely belongs to a unique species of rare and high end luxury sports cars. If you appreciate high quality Aston Martins you will appreciate this site.


I have created this site to better highlight the art and beauty of the hand built Aston Martins and manifest my Passion for Life. Each Aston Martin is a unique piece of art, reflecting the design of its period; hand built by artisan craftsmen and engineered to the highest motoring performance standards for sports cars. And on top of it all, flavoured with a scent of the mystical 007.


If you are lucky to afford an Aston Martin, you are going to be the caretaker for while with the duty to look after your Aston Martin properly before passing it on to the next caretaker. Because of this, 75% of all Aston Martins ever built are still on the road.


I have outlined my philosophy for Legendary Aston (concerning the hand built Aston Martins until 2000) as follows:


· Every Aston Martin is a rare luxury product and deserves to be maintained at a high quality level.

· Each Aston Martin is a unique piece of art. No two Aston Martins are the same!

· Each Aston Martin has its own history and it should be well documented.

· All Aston Martins are ultimately cars and need to be driven regularly.

· I only buy Aston Martins that have been maintained at highest standards to ensure the original intent of the cars are kept.

· I favour original and well kept Aston Martins over completely restored ones.

· I do not like non period modifications and upgrades unless they are applied on Aston Martin project cars.

· I do not like replicas or recreations. If you do not have the money to buy the original, buy something you can afford.


If you want to find out more about my Passion for Life and have the time, do continue reading.


I became infected with the James Bond virus early in my childhood by watching Goldfinger in an open air cinema during one of our summer holidays in Italy. I did not understand much of the story, but was fascinated by the cars, gadgets and action scenes, which were outstanding at the time. The development of the virus was driven by Corgi Toys and more Bond movies.


In the mid 90’s, a close friend of mine who was living in England and was the proud owner of an outstanding DB4 and a DB5 convertible. We took out the DB4 and drove it to Silverstone to watch the historic races. Needless to say I was fascinated and thrilled by the raw power of the race cars and the brave men and women who raced them. I spotted a DB4 GT in the Coys auction and was immediately attracted to it, but did not have the financial means to bid for it.


More than 10 years later another good friend and owner of a V8 Volante approached me to see, if I would be interested to buy a DBS V8. Immediately I turned him down his offer, telling him that V8’s are not real Astons and that I am only interested in a DB4, 5 or 6 (simply because I did not understand anything else). A few months later he insisted that I should be seeing the DBS V8 since the selling price was further reduced and the owner was keen to sell it. Trying to be nice, I agreed to “inspect” the DBS V8 and take it on a test drive. Seeing the beautiful lines of the DBS and hearing the magic roaring sound of the V8 blew my mind.


Unfortunately this Aston was a typical DBS V8: tired and used. Being a freshman, I felt that every problem comes with a solution and asked the workshop person for a restoration quotation (new paint, new interior, engine and mechanical overhaul). After having received the quotation (being surprisingly very reasonable) I agreed to buy my first Aston and got right away into a restoration project. To cut a long story short, the DBS V8 took ages to finish, consumed a lot more money than quoted - partly because of the work shop guy using my advances for his personal fun and it never became a quality Aston. Once completed, I was supposed to drive it up the Swiss mountains, but several things still did not work and I immediately decided to sell this DBS V8 as quickly as possible, losing a majority of my money spent on it, but getting rid of a bad experience.


I learned two things from my first Aston experience; never buy a bad Aston and never buy a restoration project. Unless of course you like problems and spending money.


During this unpleasant experience I started to consume all possible Aston Martin books, road tests, magazines, movies and became more familiar with the brand and its V8 history. I quickly understood that it was the last true in-house developed engine (by Tadek Marek), which  served for more than 30 years. A long time in the short lived automotive world. Furthermore, the DBS V8 was one of the world’s fastest production cars in 1970 and could transport a family of four in style and speed. Further V8 developments created the V8 Vantage (the first British supercar) in 1977, another superfast Zagato co-operation in 1985 and the V8 Vantage with the most powerful production engine in 1993 (even until today when the One-77 was presented).


Since keeping my mind busy was not fully satisfactory and the restoration still on-going, I had the opportunity to buy a V8 Vantage Zagato from its first owner with very low mileage. My wife and I took the Zagato and participated in our first rally and managed to shock the other Aston Martin owners and participants. No one was really prepared for such a hard-core 1980’s design - being far away from the first Aston Martin Zagato. But with hindsight; how many people have ever driven a V8 Vantage Zagato and enjoyed the fast acceleration and the nearly endless power of its engine?


Since then I was fortunate enough to enjoy many more Astons and still am today. It is all about the fun driving them and experiencing their unique qualities.


The more I have gotten into this passion, I sometimes faced with an even more interesting Aston, which I want to acquire. Unfortunately, diversification and cognizance of over-exuberance forces me to sell some of my Astons from my collection. That is why you might find some Astons on offer on my website. Although, I do not believe one can ever go wrong with a high quality Aston Martin.

I hope that you are enjoying my site.


Daniel A. Waltenberg

Superior achievements always begin with passion and sometimes it will become a Passion for Life. Aston Martin is the product of passionate men who were willing to dedicate their time, invest their money and risk their lives to build the ultimate British sports car in the world. Thanks to all these people Aston Martin is still alive today. There is no other brand in today’s world with such a strong brand awareness especially considering the size of its “small business”.

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